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Warren Hydraulic Oil Premium AW – 32



Warren Premium AW Hydraulic Oils are premium quality anti-wear hydraulic oils with excellent stability, deigned to meet the most stringent requirements of most major manufacturers and users of hydraulic equipment. These oils are characterized by outstanding rust protection, low deposit formation, good demulsibility, rapid release of entrained air, oxidation resistance, low pour points and excellent anti-foam properties. They also contain an effective anti-wear agent that helps reduce wear in high-speed, high-pressure vane and gear pumps.

Warren Premium AW Hydraulic Oils are particularly well suited for all industrial and mobile hydraulic system applications. These products satisfy the requirements of major hydraulic equipment manufacturers and are suitable for all types of hydraulic pumps except for those containing silver plated parts which require non-zinc oils. These oils can also be used for those compressors which call for a non-detergent motor oil.


• Excellent wear protection
• Rapid release of any entrained air
• Excellent rust and corrosion protection
• Easy filterability

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