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Autoguard Penetrating Oil Anti Karat Bolt Buster 312g

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312 Grams

Autoguard Penetrating Oil is a blend of fast acting super penetrating solvents that evaporate, leaving a thin transparent protective film. It loosens rust and corrosion almost instantly. It penetrates quickly into cracks, crevices and threads, freeing bolts, lug nuts and other fasteners. Annoying squeaks are silenced by friction-reducing lubricants. Autoguard Penetrating Oil cleans as it protects all metals from rust and corrosion. Grease, tar, oil, adhesives and grime are easily removed from most surfaces. It also has the following benefits:

Penetrates, loosens, and lubricates
Protects metal parts from rust and corrosion
Protects tools, equipment and machinery from rust
Displaces moisture from any surface

Use this product to loosen, dry, protect, lubricate and clean: bolts, sewing machines, lock mechanisms, distributors, spark plugs, tools, pipe threads, hinges, farm and garden equipment, rollers, wheels, windows, lug nuts, etc.
Saturate area to be treated; let soak for several minutes. Tap frozen parts to help loosen.

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