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Autoguard Oil Treatment Campuran Oli Pelindung Mesin 428mL

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AUTOGUARD OIL TREATMENT blends readily with all oils, and is designed to improve the effectiveness of your motor oil. Older worn engines will develop low compressions, blowby, smoking, noise, and oil burning as symptoms of age. AUTOGUARD OIL TREATMENT will help in reducing, if not alleviating, these symptoms. It contains a synthetic polymer and additives which will improve the viscosity index of the motor oil. It will coat moving parts with a tough film that decreases friction and increases power.

Add one bottle of AUTOGUARD OIL TREATMENT with every oil change (do not overfill). Also, add one bottle between changes whenever oil is added. Allow engine to reach operating temperature then pour into crankcase. For badly worn engines, add two bottles.

-Compatible With All Motor Oils
-Protects Engine Components
-Reduces Oil Consumption
-Quiets noisy engines
-Increases compression

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