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AUTOGUARD Antifreeze & Coolant Radiator Mobil

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AUTOGUARD Antifreeze & Coolant is a conventional green colored, ethylene glycol base coolant for both automotive aluminum block engines and low silicate light-duty diesel engines. When used in heavyduty applications, the addition of separate Supplement Coolant Additives (SCAs) is required.
AUTOGUARD Antifreeze & Coolant is compatible with all conventional green antifreeze.
AUTOGUARD Antifreeze & Coolant Protects all cooling system parts including aluminum and modern high lead solders. It has a service life of 2-years from date put in service.
AUTOGUARD Antifreeze & Coolant prevents freezing, boil-over, rusting, corrosion, sludge clogging and scale build-up throughout the cooling system.

AUTOGUARD Antifreeze & Coolant meets or exceeds the following specifications:
ASTM D-3306 SAE J1034 Mack Truck
ASTM D-4340 Caterpillar Navistar B-1
Chrysler MS 7170 Cummins 90T8-4 SAE J1941
Ford ESE-M97B-44-A G.M. 1899M ASTM D-4985
G.M. 1825M

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